Monday, September 25, 2017

Tarheel Screwdriver Antenna Mount

This weekend i took some time to get my new Tarheel screwdriver antenna mounted. after rebuilding it about 6 time the is what i came up with and its working grate. Very Sturdy.

This is the start of the plate that ill bolt the back of my jeep along with the overhead rack. the bolts are 5/8 so i have punched and drilled smaller holes to guyed the lager bit.

Here i have the insulator for the top mount. not complete a this point as it will have flat stock
welded the toe back so i can bolt it to the rack

Stainless steel 5/8 bolt i faced in the lathe, the taped it for the screw

The insulators i turned in the lathe. They are made out of cutting board plastic because this 
is all i had. 

As a side note this is not the best plastic to use for out doors because it will brake down in the weather. Delrin is what is used most of the time for this, and i have some on order now to replace them soon 

This bolt i reused form a heavy duty cb antenna mount i broke some time back. the top is 3/8x24 and the bottom is threaded for the 5/8 bolt.

All put together on the mount

Top insulator made out of the same cutting board plastic 

the other side

Mounted to the truck with the coax and grounding strap to the frame. ill be adding a cover to this to keep mud and dirt off of it. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

The K-Caddy Elecraft KX3 PX3 and KXPA

The K-Caddy for the KX3

Something i put together this last week and i thought i would share.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Microsoft Video Camera Mount

The Station

My station at the QTH has seen many different forms over the years since I got my license. Currently I’m running a ICOM IC-7410 and I’m loving it. Most of the time I’m working Phone on 20 meter and I also like digital modes and SSTV.
Here’s a list of the set up
•Icom IC-7410 Link
•Bose 101 Music Monitor
•Shure SM58 Mic Link
•Behringer  1002 mixer
•iBox audio interface Link
•Hy-Gain AV-640 Antenna Link
•SignaLink Sound Card Link
•Brown Bros. Key

QRP on the Beach

Yaesu FT-817, N5NIS, Buddiepole, National Inland Sea Shore.This is a trip I took last year to the National Inland Sea Shore. I setup just off the back of the Jeep running the radio from a small battery. 

End Fed 10-160 Meter Antenna

I’ve been working on the 9:1 ununs for some time now. After deciding on a place to put it up I ordered some wire. I wanted to get something that would hold up for some time outdoors. Some antenna are made with wire called primary wire.
Primary wire is used in car wire and will hold up In Heat and weather. Primary wire is sometimes hard to find in larger gauges and cheep. A quick internet search for antenna and i found is the pace for any kind of wire antenna wire. They have lots of antenna parts, but the site lacks photos of the wire and some of thire products. Because of this you might not know what to get. Davis RF wire, is 13g and is made with a black, clear or dark green coding. It’s rated for salt water and marine applications. I picked mine up on eBay for about 50.00 for 150 foot. Its  a copper clad wire that is very strong and has a slippery feel, Grate for pulling through trees and over limbs.

Just as a side note wire from home Depo will not work well outdoors. That wire has a plastic outer layer that will Peel off, It’s makes a big mess. If your going to use it it might be best to strip off the cover.

cutting the wire at 117 feet and soldering ends and adding the crimp an insulator on the end I found out I didn’t have enough room for the 117 feet. I ended up cutting the antenna down to 88 feet and pulling it up on my radio tower. The other side of the antennae stretches across my yard into an oak tree and I have it tied off there.  At 88 feet it will tune from 160 m to 10 m with the internal antenna tuner on my IC – 7410. I have a vertical antenna at about 30 feet that is 6 m through 40 m and I get less noise on the end fed most of the time. Only problem is is that I have it facing east west and anything north south is a lot lower on the S meter. All in all I’m happy with the results of the antenna. If you’re interested in just buying an antenna that professionally made, look to eBay. There’s a guy on there that sells a great end fed called the QSO King. It’s made by Mapleleaf studios. I think they’re around $75 and you can get them from 88 to 117 feet.